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Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to indulge in a sweet treat, our caramels are the perfect choice. Our small batch, cream caramels are made to order, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

Traditional Vanilla - These are the original Cream Caramel that started it all.  Creamy, smooth and buttery - the way caramels are meant to be!


Grey Sea Salt - Our most popular salted caramel. Our French Grey Sea Salt keeps its crunch and offers the perfect balance between salty and sweet.

Thai Ginger Sea Salt - This fine grain salt is paired with aromatic ground ginger to create a bright, fresh taste combination. A staff favorite.

Ghost Pepper Sea Salt - This salted caramel dares you to try the combination of our sea salt and ghost peppers. A must-have for those who like their foods on the hot side, the heat pairs perfectly with our creamy, buttery caramels.

Lemon Rosemary - This caramel combines the lemon with a delicate hint of rosemary and a touch of salt. Our savory caramel is sure to delight and surprise.

Toasted Coconut - Our incredible caramels topped with toasted sweetened coconut. The tropical flavor of the coconut compliments the caramels perfectly.


English Walnut - Grandpa's favorite. Our Traditional Vanilla caramels topped with pieces of English walnuts. 

Pecan - A classic combination of our buttery Vanilla and the nutty crunch of real pecans.


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