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About Us

Once every year during the holidays, my family would receive a special gift - a box of hand-made caramels from a neighbor. As a little girl I remember discovering my grandpa hidden away with the precious delivery.  He was helping himself to an "angel's share" before handing them out.  I got an extra one that year too. 


Many years later, my husband and I stumbled across a recipe his mother had given him.  That first bite transported me back to my childhood and those wonderful memories.  They became our gift to friends and family that year and ever since, people have asked for more. 


Now we are pleased to share the timeless taste of traditional cream caramels - named for the addition of cream and butter to the hard candies first made in the mid 1800's in  America.  Our caramels are handcrafted in small batches in Omaha, Nebraska.  We hope that you enjoy them every bit as much as our family. 

What's in a Name?

Why the name Boxicanyon Company?  Just as our caramels remind me of my youth, our name brings to mind the days of wonder and joy my husband remembers while exploring the hills behind his childhood home - affectionately referred to by his family as Boxicanyon.  His mother would have to hose him off when he came home each night.


Thank you for stopping by! We hope our caramels create lasting memories for you and your family and friends.


Christina Rohling



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